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Superior singing method

Discover how to become a better singer with this superior singing method.
Discover how to become a better singer with this superior singing method. Each lesson contains a 5-10 minute video and 10 minute vocal exercise routine. One lesson per day (6 days per week) is required. Results may vary between different members due to personal motivation and other factors.
Price: $39.95


Online Piano Course

The fastest and easiest way to learn piano or keyboard With 200 Video lessons And 500 Audio lessons.
Piano for all is specially designed to take complete beginners to an intermediate level faster than any other method. The fastest and easiest way to learn piano or keyboard. amazing interactive ebooks. 200 video lessons. 500 audio lessons.
Price: $39


Music Production Software

Over a thousand premium presets endless options with zero confusion
You can arrange full songs with just your computer keyboard. You dont need any other controllers, any other drums, or any other virtual instruments. You can sequence here. Youve got your sound banks here. You can mix here. Its everything you need to get started and go a long way
Price: $33.95


Learn How To Sing

Sing like a professional starting today
Sing like a professional starting today No matter if you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced singer, Singorama can help you. Not only is it educational, it's really fun
Price: $49.95


Confused by the Fretboard?

Learn the scales, chords and arpeggios you need with Guitar Notes Master
Built by guitarists for guitarists, this software fretboard tutor will help you rapidly develop your guitar playing skills. Maximise your practice time by using this software tutor to quickly learn the fundamentals of guitar fretboard theory: note positions, intervals, chords, scales and arpeggios - even away from your guitar.
Price: $39


Guitar Theory Revolution

Learn the secrets and become a professional guitar player
E-books, Videos And MP3 Course Specifically Aimed At Beginners And Struggling Guitar Players. A Unique Approach That Ditches The Piano Paradigm And Helps Guitar Players Move Past Their Biggest Frustration, Understanding Music Theory.
Price: $31


RiffmasterPro Slowdown Music

Play Any Riff, solo or song. Keeps the same pitch. Musician's Dream
RiffMaster Pro Ver 2 is a perfect tool for any musician, but is especially popular among guitarists. You will be able to slow down any song to any degree you desire. It does that without changing pitch, so the end result is like listening to a world class guitarist playing his song in slow motion.
Price: $49


Learn piano today

Learn how to play piano with rocket piano lessons, video demonstrations and sound files.
Learn How to Play the Piano Today, Free Lessons For Beginners and Full Step by Step Piano Lessons that will teach you to read music and play songs. Get Started Now.
Price: $39.95


Blues jam session

You can learn how to play blues guitar using our jam tracks in next 5 minutes.
A Complete Blues Jam Course That Will Have You Playing Killer Licks and Riffs Quickly And Easily. BluesJamSession presents over 60 Rock / Jazz / Classic / Funk Blues Styles Jamming Tracks . Seriously, this is like having a professional blues band at the comfort of your own home.
Price: $49


Learn how to freestyle rap here

Learn how to flow your own songs with freestyle rapping here.
Instantly start flowing your own songs without having to study a dictionary or practice for years. Get The Complete Freestyle Rap For All 3.0 System For Just $97
Price: $97


Guitar scale mastery

Play Guitar Scales Over The Entire Fretboard In A Fluid, Musical And Effortless Way
How Would Your Guitar Soloing Improve If You Discovered Exactly How To Play Guitar Scales Over The Entire Fretboard In A Fluid, Musical And Effortless Way? In this section of the website you'll learn the EXACT system that I use to learn and internalize scales. Whenever I want to learn a new scale.
Price: $67


Blues Bass For Guitar Players

A Step-By-Step, 'Cut To The Chase' System For Creating Perfect Blues Bass Lines Every Time.
Finally A Step-By-Step, Cut To The Chase System For Creating Perfect Blues Bass Lines Every Time
Price: $47


Ukulele Lessons

Lessons are suitable for all the different sizes of ukuleles and favourite songs.
A complete beginners guide 10 hours video instructions.You'll master all the easy must-know chords for playing your favorite songs. You'll also discover the tricks for moving from one chord to another, effortlessly and smoothly.After you're done with the strumming lessons.
Price: $67


Video Guitar Lessons For Beginners

We help you teach yourself guitar, learn fast, and play your favorite songs.
We make guitarists. Guitar Tutorials, song lessons, crash courses and detailed articles to help you you take your guitar skills to the next level.
Price: $4.95


The Secret Guitar Teacher

Online Guitar Courses For the Beginners To Become a Great Player
The Secret Guitar Teacher Is The Main Site Of Guitar Teaching Guru Nick Minnion. Here You Can Access Downloadable Courses Tailored To Help You Succeed In Learning Guitar In A Way That Is Both Fun And Efficient. Suitable For Electric And Acoustic Guitar.
Price: $16.66


Learn How To Make Beats

Watch high quality video tutorials for FL Studio to learn how to make beats.
Beat Generals helps you unleash your inner super producer by teaching you all the techniques and tricks the pros use to create the hottest beats on the radio today.
Price: $19.99


Make a marimba

Download plans to make or build a marimba, vibraphone, xylophone, glockenspiel, metalophone.
The mallet making e-book guide contains step by step instructions on how to make your own mallets for mallet percussion instruments. How to pick the right materials for the core of the mallet head to give a good full sound on the instrument.
Price: $9.95


Adult Guitar Lessons

Play your first song on the guitar even if you are aged.
Think learning guitar is hard or complicated? Think again In just a very short amount of time you will not only understand the why - but you'll also fully understand how to master the following concepts and techniques on the guitar.
Price: $47


Saxophone Guru Guide

Saxophone Guru is the ultimate guide to playing the saxophone for beginners.
Saxophone Guru is the ultimate guide to playing the saxophone for beginners. How to play the saxophone like a pro
Price: $29.99


Top Quality Online Song Mixing

Learn How To Take Your Music To The Next Level With The Top Quality Experienced Experts.
Take your music to the next level with our top quality experienced professional... Get customized ready to use mixing templates for Pro Tools and Cubase Pre-engineered by audio sound experts.
Price: $29.99


Learn to play piano by chords

Learn to play Easily and Quickly Pop, Ballads, Rock, Blues
This is a step by step method that will leave no questions unsolved. You set your own pace and decide what you want to learn and when. Learn from the best and most popular piano teacher on the web.
Price: $10


Music To Awaken Your Soul

Music With A Positive Message And Intent And One Which Is Aligned With A Conscious Vibe.
Awakened Sounds Is A New Conscious, Artist Centred, Digital Record Label. Our Focus Is On Discovering Fresh Musical Talent From Around The World. Music With A Positive Message And Intent And One Which Is Aligned With A Conscious Vibe.
Price: $37


Online Violin and Fiddle Lessons

Learn How To play Violin. No Matter Where You Live Or When Good Teachers Are Hard To Find.
Everyone can learn to play the violin, regardless of where they live, even in rural areas or when good teachers are hard to find. Online lessons for beginners that take you systematically from novice through Suzuki Book
Price: $47


Record Label Business Plan

Start And Run Your Own Successful Music Company And Get Funding From Investors Today
Start Your Own Successful Music Company And Get Funding From Investors With A Professional Record Label Business Plan Template. The Record Label Business Plan Has Been For Many Years An Essential Tool For Thousands Of Serious Music Entrepreneurs Who Decided To Take Their Music Serious...
Price: $197


Songwriting Guide

Take your music to the next level with dynamite songwriting.
If you'd like to take your singing voice from ordinary to extraordinary, make a signature song all your own and learn every nitty-gritty detail about auditions, singing in a band, harmonizing and more, then check out the most comprehensive learn-to-sing system available.
Price: $49.95


Instant piano chord finder.

Piano chord chart on your computer desktop find piano chords instantly.
For those of you who play guitar, it is very useful for you to know piano chords as well as guitar chords. Guitar chords are really the same as piano chords the guitar tabs (guitar tablature) looks different, but it's really just a picture of where your hands should go on the frets.
Price: $39


Ear Training Software

Discover dorky teenager cracked the hidden code of mastering absolute and relative pitch
But now with the release of Pitch Master Pro, you have a faster and more effective way of training your inner ear to recognize notes, intervals, chords, and scales by name This software is light years ahead of anything else on the market. It is truly cutting edge
Price: $69.95


Song Learning Software

Discover How You Can Harness The Power Of Internet To Make Learning Songs Easier Than Ever before
New Revolutionary Software Makes Learning Songs Easier and Faster Than Ever Before Teaches You How To Play All Your Favorite Songs In All 12 Keys... Get This self Teaching Strategy works For Beginner Musician Who are Satisfied With Learning A Couple If Chords To Play Around Their Friends....
Price: $47


Latest Karaoke Software

Are you frustrated that your expensive karoke player does not let you play.
Singing Superstar plays the song and displays the lyrics, so that you can sing along with your favorite artists.However,it gives you more interactivity as while you sing it keeps recording your score according to your artistic abilities.The game analyzes your voice pitch and evaluates YOUR compared
Price: $37.95


Guitar Success System

Learn to play guitar from your home with a proven and easy system that works
Learn To Play The Guitar For Fun Or Professionally. Easy To Follow Online Course That Will Turn You Into A Guitar Hero in Record Time
Price: $97


Classical sheet music

Downloads for all skills and instruments as well as original versions.
Join Music for unlimited downloads of all our music or buy our digital scores individually. Separate instrumental parts are included in all our files.
Price: $4.95


Learn How to Play the Guitar

If You Are Just Getting Started With Guitar Or Are Interested In Improving Your Skills, You Have Come To The Right Place. STOP The Struggle ... And Put The FUN Back Into Learning Guitar With Our Step-By Step Motivational Guitar Lessons ...
Price: $47


How to read music

Learn how to read music in as little as one evening about 4 hours by learning the 3 basics.
Why Take Months To Learn How To Read Music When You Can Do It In 3 Or 4 Hours? When You Learn The 3 Elements Of Music -- Melody, Rhythm, and Harmony -- Then Combine Them Into A Song, It All Makes Sense. You Wont Be Great Right Away, But Youll Be Rolling.
Price: $39


Power piano chords

Piano chords and chord progressions secrets of exciting chords and chord progressions
I have the Secrets of Exciting Chords on my desktop and review it every so often. I also printed the pages and bound them together at Staples to practice at my piano. The pictures in the book are very clear and show the exact fingering for the root position.
Price: $39


Play Ragtime and Blues Guitar

Learn the tricks and tips used by the classic bluesmen. Play real blues
Get 26 complete blues guitar packed video lessons delivered to you moments from now. And start playing acoustic blues guitar in the style of the great masters in days. The thoroughness, quality, and personable style not to mention the sheer bulk of songs make this package incredible value.
Price: $48


Guitar Speed Secrets

The true secrets to guitar speed with The Guide To Guitar Virtuosity
It contains all of my knowledge at that time on speed picking, technique training, and speed development as well as improving the little things like hammer ons, bends, pull offs, slides and vibrato. Solid information containing over 100 exercises and images that will help you reach insane guitar speeds.
Price: $39.95


Learning to play the guitar

Written for beginner guitarists by professional guitar teacher Anthony Pell.
A Comprehensive Beginner Guitar Ebook With 21 Structured Step-by-step Lessons Covering The Following Topics To Get You Playing The Guitar. With Links To 74 Audio Samples, 30 Videos And 13 Songs. Written for beginner guitarists by professional guitar teacher Anthony Pell is one of the best beginner guitar eBooks online.
Price: $7.95


Energy Cleansing Guided Meditation

Announcing - 11 Minutes of Pure Energy Cleansing Guided Sound Healing Meditation
This Meditation Is Designed To Fit Into Anyone's Busy Schedule With Optimal Relaxation. It Combines Guided Meditation, Sound Healing, Ho'oponopono, Pituitary Gland Activation To Reprogram Your Energy Field With Love.
Price: $9.95


How To Get A Free Backstage Pass

Learn To Get Backstage For Free Learn How You Can Get A Backstage Pass For Any Concert
Free Backstage Passes For Any Concert New Easy-To-Follow, Step-By-Step Manual Reveals Exactly What You Need To Do To Get Backstage The Next Time Your Favorite Artist Comes To Town...
Price: $23.5


Guitar method finger trainer

Train your lazy guitar fingers into lightening fast, accurate weapons
Finger Trainer puts the fun back into practice by giving you a band environment in your very own home. Simply clicking on one of the exercises will not only give you the tablature to an exercise ready for you to learn and work on, but also the audio so you can hear what it sounds like.
Price: $29.95


Copyright Safe Music To Use

Royalty Free Music That Is Legal To Use In Your Next Video, App Or Game
Unlimited use of the music world wide and royalty free. This is well suited for producers who hope to reach as wide an audience as possible. No uncertainties about how many views or users your project will get. Pay once and you're done.You can remix, edit, loop and adapt the music.
Price: $49.95


Guitar Theory Made Simple

A Complete Guitar Training Program that Will Give You A Crash Course On Guitar Theory.
Learning guitar can and should be one of the most fulfilling parts of your life mastering an art that allows you to express yourself is truly priceless. Unlocking I-IV-V is the perfect introductory theory lesson to get you started on the guitar...
Price: $29.95


Read music notes easily

How your child or student can read music notes easily and quickly.
How your child can read music notes easily and quickly - with the help of a gang of cartoon characters with hilarious voices. Multimedia ebook with flash cards and games for follow-up practice.Most students are excited when they start learning to play the piano or keyboard, but many then quit
Price: $14.97


Play piano by ear course

Learn piano by 9 weeks you'll know enough chords to play hundreds of popular songs.
Go From A Complete Beginner To An Advanced Player Is Just 6 Months Learning Piano By Ear Eliminates All The Time Consuming Formalities In Traditional Piano Lessons. 24 Audio Lessons - 21 Master Class Sessions And Over 70 Bonus Videos Included.
Price: $14.98


Royalty Free Beats

Download 200 Beats To Use For Your Demo, Mixtape, YouTube Channel and More Royalty Free.
Download 200 Beats To Use For Your Demo, Mixtape, YouTube Channel and More Royalty Free. No Catch, No Strings Attached
Price: $37


Jazz Education

The Premier Source For Jazz Education And Musical Performance Information.
The Premier Source For Jazz Education And Musical Performance Information.
Price: $15


Hip Hop and Rap Beats

Download hundreds of hip hop and rap beats, r and b instrumentals, sound effects, stock music
Every Rap beat, Audio Clip, Hip Hop, R and B and Reggae Instrumental on this site, Beats365.Hundreds upon hundreds of the hottest beats and instrumentals, including ALL of the beats available for preview on the search feature, and more 100's of Beats and new beats uploaded to the database.
Price: $29.95


Play piano online

Learning piano in 30 days,a complete step by step guide of mastering piano.
This Revolutionary step-by-step learning method.Learn piano in 30 days program a course for beginners.Becoming a better pianist program this after 30 days program where you can learn intermidiate skills.Master pianist program which lets you to play a song and play piano by the ear program.
Price: $27


Anyone Can Sing Like A Star

Learn How To Improve Your Singing Skills. Get Online Singing Lessons With Powerful Videos.
Learn how to properly use your instrument, you can develop an explosive range, with complete breath control, and project a powerful sound WITHOUT damaging your instrument.
Price: $37


Learn How To Make Rap Beats

Beats Today - Order Your Copy Now You Can Be Producing Radio Quality
You will discover the proper layout that rap beats should follow. You do NOT need a bunch of overpriced tools and equipment to make rap beats. Learn how to make professional studio sounding beats, just like the ones you hear on the radio, on your computer.
Price: $27


Christian Guitar Lessons

Learn guitar and popular worship songs with a step-by-step guide in just 30 days.
This is an online guitar learning course that is designed specifically for beginners who want to learn guitar while also learning great contemporary worship songs on guitar.
Price: $1


Zero limits music

The album that helped start a movement in the healing music genre.
You can now start learning your guitar fretboard both consciously and unconsciously; there will be nothing standing between you and musical greatness.Just listen to Instant Guitar Fretboard. You dont have to do anything in particular except relax. You can even listen while you surf the net rest.
Price: $19.95


The talking chord chart

Learn half the major chords and in more than 5 minutes you will know them all.
Announcing The Birth Of The First Talking Chord Chart In The World. It Not Only Shows In Full Color The Most-used 96 Piano Chords, But It Also Talks You Through Each Chord -- Major, Minor, Diminished, Augmented, 6th, M6th, 7th, Maj7th, Plus Inversions.
Price: $39


Learn Violin In 30 Days

Discover the Astonishingly Simple Secrets to Mastering The Violin in Less Than 30 Days..
Learn the best instrument on the planet using revolutionary new techniques that cut down learning time by about one tenth. A Revolutionary step-by-step learning method slashes your learning time...and works like magic... even if you've never played Violin in your life
Price: $27


The Odyssey Of Esu

Esu Is The Illest Hip Hop Artist With Amazing Storylines, Highly Relatable Lyrics, Monstrous Beats etc
Esu Is The Illest Hip Hop Artist With Amazing Storylines, Highly Relatable Lyrics, Monstrous Beats, Wicked Wordplay And Hypnotizing, Melodic Hooks.
Price: $4.95


Ultimate Music Marketing Shortcut

This will give you the control you need to turn your music career into a real business.
Once you have these shortcuts in your arsenal, youll immediately become a more proactive, profitable musician. Plus youll finally have the confidence to pull the trigger on opportunities you might have let pass you by.
Price: $14.95

Discover a unique program that gets you playing guitar and harmonica together quickly and easily.
There is a program that demonstrates how to play Guitar and Harmonica together, that takes a beginner musician step-by-step through lessons designed to teach the basic principles that will enable them to confidently play their favourite songs on Harp N Guitar.
Price: $15


Guitar on the spot

Guitar on the spot frustrated with the guitar? this secret might help
Make Up Your Own Songs, Solos And Riffs On The Guitar Off The Top Of Your Head. Its As Easy As Rolling A Are you frustrated with learning how to play the guitar? I was too until I discovered the secret that you'll learn on this website.
Price: $59


Music Business Academy

Music Business Academy and More, Musicians Love These Courses
Want to learn how to market your music? To conquer the music business? Then learn how to do both in The IMA Music Business Academy Find out more inside.
Price: $4.99


Guitar Note Mastery

Learn how to make unstoppable progress in 11 easy steps to note mastery.
This book enables you to totally master a skill that helps you learn faster, memorize better increases your creativity and speeds up your guitar learning progress in 11 easy steps.
Price: $17


Piano teaching

A multimedia ebook on how to read ledger line notes easily and quickly.
This ebook teaches you to learn to read all the ledger line notes in hours.Discover a simple shortcut for reading the 8 most common ledger line notes. You will be taken step-by-step through each technique.Colorful diagrams and embedded music clips will ensure each example is crystal clear for you.
Price: $14.97


Play Piano In 10 Minutes

My Piano Dream Is The Best Piano Solos For Everyone On The Hao Staff.
Hao Staff Is A Visualized Keyboard Music Notation System For Those Who Don't Yet Read Music, Especially Adults, To Quickly Enjoy The Pleasure Of Playing Piano Or Keyboard.
Price: $41.86


Learn music notes

This ebook makes learning music notes is designed to WHIZ through learning music notes.
This ebook's simple explanations of basic music terms such as octaves, bar lines, ledger lines, and the bass, alto, tenor, and treble clefs will help you master the fundamentals of music theory. Also included in this ebook is a unique Gang of seven musical map chart that will give you an overview.
Price: $14.97


Become A Musical Mind Reader

This is an e-book that will teach you how to predict chords in a song.
This will transform you into a musical prophet of sorts. You will learn the family of chords, including the fam, cousins and neighbors and never wonder who is in each family again. And determine what chords will occur in any key and which chord to start on once you know the key of a song.
Price: $39.99


Guitar learning

How to play guitar,alternate picking practice for 20 minutes a day and quickly start unleashing.
The Alternate Picking Fast Start System is a intensive 12-month online course aimed at electric guitarists serious about getting good at alternate picking.Help you learn how to use a metronome in an effective way.Improve your timing dramatically.Effectively program your muscle memory and other tips.
Price: $47


Guitar Legato Fast Start

A Guitar Technique Course For Who Are Wanting To Play Fast And Impressive Guitar Solos.
How Would Your Guitar Speed, Soloing Ability and Technique Improve If You Could Gain A Total Mastery Over Hammer-Ons and Pull-Offs? A Guitar Technique Course Aimed At Electric Guitarists Who Are Wanting To Play Fast And Impressive Guitar Solos.
Price: $47


Beginners piano guide

This is revealed in a PDF format book,a step by step guide to learn music for beginners.
A.S.A.Piano teaches a quick and simple song playing system for beginners to piano and keyboard and requires no prior musical knowledge. The secret of A.S.A.Piano is motivation and goals.You will learn chords, notes, melody, fingering patterns, rhythm and timing.
Price: $34.95


Great christmas piano hits

Can play christmas piano songs with both hands even if you can't read piano sheets.
3 E-books With Beautiful Arrangements And Clear Video Demonstrations Of More Than 20 Songs At Three Levels, Based On A Method That Allows You To Play Your Favorite Christmas Piano Songs And Improve Your Coordination Even If You Can't Read Piano Notes.
Price: $24.9


Improve your recordings

Learn to produce professional quality home recordings with this home recording course.
This method is designed to create a domino effect through your home recording sessions. Record your hit quality songs from your home.
Price: $49


Learn about music

Learn the secret method of pitch recognition that A 16 year to master the pitch.
The Pure Pitch Method is so effective that you will start naming notes by ear within the first lesson. This is unheard of for every other absolute pitch course ever created, and is the reason why the Pure Pitch Method is seen by many as the best in the world. It is the fastest.
Price: $97


Any Body Can Learn Guitar

Discover how to play the guitar by simply following this easy, step-by-step eBook.
Designed especially for beginners, thousands of people, just like you, have discovered how to play the guitar by simply following the easy, step-by-step lessons inside the ABC Learn Guitar eBook.
Price: $19.95


Learn to play oboe

Play oboe in one easy lesson by learning and understanding the correct techniques.
This e-book, which is based on 30 years experience of teaching the oboe, will take you through all aspects of technique enabling you to develop and/or improve your command of the instrument. Whether you are a beginner or an established player, this book will guide you through the essentials.
Price: $13.7


Do Home Recording Easily Now

Discover The Easy Tips For How To Master Your Home Recording Studio.
Get All The Bands Of Frequencies That Instruments Live In All The EQ Neighborhoods That We Need To Be Familiar With. Plus A Ton Of Online Resources For In Depth Research On This Subject. Includes Project Files, Sample Recordings With Popular Microphone Drum Loops and Recording Mastering Software.
Price: $149.95


Music Home Recording Blueprint

Easy home recording made easy
The Musician's Blueprint to Getting Heard Shares The Exact Music Promotion Methods That The World's Most Successful Indie Musicians Are Using Right Now.
Price: $47


Singing Lessons

A2Z Smart Music Online Web Academy is an easy, fun and affordable way to learn how to sing
Many Popular Singing Programs Created By Highly Acclaimed Vocal Trainer, Yvonne Debandi, B M E. Downloads Contain Vocal Training Software, Vocal Exercises And Books. Link To Individual Products. Sells Well.Learn how to sing online from A2Z. Singing Lessons, Vocal Exercises, Performance Opportunities
Price: $19.99


Professional piano chords

How to quickly and easily learn the secrets to playing professional piano chords.
The absolute fastest way to learn any new chord, so you can play it the instant you see the chord symbol. The single 3-chord progression found in 70-90% of all popular music that just might change the way you listen to and play music on the piano forever.
Price: $27

classical guitar sheet music scores download this the hompage of richard miles jackman
Original Compositions And Transcriptions: Download Realaudio And Pdf Sheet Music.Original classical guitar compositions by Richard Miles Jackman, Tarrega. Classical guitar transcriptions of Debussy, Albeniz.
Price: $19.97


Acoustic guitar money

A step-by-step guide for how to make good money with an acoustic guitar and get noticed.
Inside youll learn: How to find your range, and safely move to higher levels, using a guitar or piano as a reference point. Simple but effective vocal warm-up techniques, what to do and what not to do before you sing, and other tips.
Price: $34.95



Sing with confidence see improved pitch within 10 minutes use this new technology.
Find out how bad your voice pitch problems are immediately.Get training sessions that show you how to use the PitchPerfector to build a unique signature profile of your voice everyone is different.If youre vocal pitch is not too bad, then tweak to perfection.
Price: $47


Guitar and Piano Chords

View guitar and piano chords together on your computer tablet,mobile or print
Welcome to your number one source on the Internet for Guitar and Piano chords together We provide chords for Guitar and Piano side-by-side in PDF e-Book and mobile e-Book formats so that you can easily translate and play chords between Guitar and Piano.
Price: $19.95


Just Chords Piano

A Complete Course Of Lessons Using A PDF Workbook With Embedded Audio Files.
A Complete Course Of Lessons Using A PDF Workbook With Embedded Audio Files. The System Uses No Music In Its Implementation. Support By Email Is Provided By The Author.
Price: $27


Music Licensing Money

Learn How To Make Money Licensing Music
This 10 Step Program Is What Music Licensing Is All About. The Information Contained In This Video Is Priceless, And Extremely Motivational. There Is Literally So Much Information Here That Anyone Who Watches This Video, Will Be Blown Away
Price: $99


The Mixtape Project

Produced Urban Music, Particularly For Those Using Logic 9 Or X
We Provide Solutions For The Modern Day Producer To Improve And Maintain Quality Recorded And Produced Urban Music, Particularly For Those Using Logic 9 Or X
Price: $0


Songwriting tips and techniques

Learn how to write unique, powerful and catchy songs anytime you want.
Songwriting Tips and Techniques for those starting out in the journey of learning how to write a song. Brilliant stuff. Learn from a seasoned professional songwriter.
Price: $37


Masters Of Songwriting

How To Become A Successful Global Songwriter
The Best Songwriting Book Around - Great For Songwriters Looking To Get To The Top In Today's Music Industry. Everything Is Here From Creating Commercial Songs, To Marketing, Digital Help, Global Covers, To Reading And Understanding Publishing Contracts.
Price: $24.99


Play popular music with ease

Play popular music without years of effort in your own unique style.
Play popular music easily and quickly - in your own unique style. Multimedia ebook showing how to master and embellish chords without needing to read the notes on the bass staff.
Price: $14.97



Learn to play improvised piano with the chordpiano-workshop.
Chordpiano-workshop Is A Three-part, Step-by-step Manual On 270 Pages, Including Lots Of Illustrations And 33 Exercises, It Comes With 14 Pattern Videos, 6 Audios, PDF Action Guide, Keys Finder, Training Planner. Backend Products Available
Price: $37


Beats online

Professional hip hop and rap beats.Download about 300 of the hottest beats.
Hundreds of Hot Hip Hop Beats are produced every year by Champ Entertainment in New York, Hollywood, Dallas and Atlanta. These beats are available for download on our site, Members of our site pick and choose from the thousands of tracks they hear and likeAll of the track.
Price: $29.95


How to write songs that sell

An advanced songwriting system for crafting songs that people want to hear.
The mp3 audiobook version of How to Write Songs that Sell lets you easily absorb the contents of the book anytime and anywhere you want. It even includes audio versions of the examples discussed in the EBook, which really helps bring to life the music the book discusses.
Price: $47


Learn How To Play Irish Fiddle

A video course featuring some of the most popular reels, jigs, slip jigs and a hornpipes.
This is a video course featuring some of the most popular reels, jigs, slip jigs and a hornpipes.
Price: $19.95


Video Surgeon for Guitarists

Jump start Your Guitar Playing By 614% Faster Or Even More With The Video Surgeon
Video Surgeon can save you dozens if not hundreds of hours a year, by enabling you to learn new material on your guitar quicker and easier than you ever thought possible.
Price: $97


How To Become A Hip Hop Star

A Perfect Guide For Anyone Interested In Becoming A Recording Artist.
How To Become A Hip Hop Star Is The Perfect Guide For Anyone Interested In Becoming A Recording Artist. Informative, Comprehensive, And Practical, This Guide Covers Every Aspect Of Becoming The Next Hip Hop Super Star. Plus A List Of Hip Hop Record Labels
Price: $9.99


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